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Vaggelis Svingos

Birth date:1986-04-09
  • January 2010- present


Main activities and responsibilities;Treat athletic injuries, athletes' recovery supervisor

  • National Greek basketball federation, Kifissias 37, Maroussi

Type of business or sector;Full time athletic physiotherapy

  • September 2008- December 2009


Main activities and responsibilities

Treat athletic injuries, athletes' recovery supervisor

  • Olympiakos F.C.

Type of business or sector;Full time athletic physiotherapy specialized in 16-21 age groups

  • February 2006-August 2008

a)Occupation or position held

Physiotherapist assistant /trainee

Main activities and responsibilities

Physiotherapist duties following supervisor's orders

  • Athens Medical Center Group, Distomou 5-7 15125, Maroussi Athens

Type of business or sector;Part time physiotherapy practice ,b)Occupation or position held


Education and training

February 2005 – October 2009

Title of qualification awarded


Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

Anatomy, Kinesiology, Athletic physiotherapy, Therapeutic massage, Mobilization, Pathology, Neurology, Respiratory physiotherapy

Occupational skills covered are osteomuscular , respiratory, neurology and athletic pfysiotherapy

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Technical Institute of Athens , Medicine and Health Care Department


Additional education

Seminars on physiotherapy.

Therapeutic and prevention Taping seminar Certified by Panhellenic Society of Physiotherapy, 2007Medical Equipment Administration seminar by Panhellenic Society of Physiotherapy,2007

Therapeutic massage seminar , Panhellenic Society of Physiotherapy , 2008Mobilization – joint play seminar , Panhellenic Society of Physiotherapy ,2008

Participation in several medical conferences  around the country 2007-2011


Γεννήθηκε στις 9 Απριλίου του 1986. Ασχολήθηκε με τον αθλητισμό (καλαθοσφαίριση, τένις, σκι) και τον πρωταθλητισμό στο στίβο με πανελλήνιες διακρίσεις. Μιλά Αγγλικά, Γαλλικά και Ιταλικά. Είναι απόφοιτος του τμήματος φυσικοθεραπείας Τ.Ε.Ι ΑΘΗΝΩΝ . Έχει εργαστεί σε Ιατρικά Κέντρα, νοσοκομεία και φυσικοθεραπευτήρια. Από την 1/9/2008 εργάζεται ως φυσικοθεραπευτής στην ποδοσφαιρική ομάδα του ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΥ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ.